inmidst a project - need fast help - got error msg by ldap admin tool ->

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inmidst a project - need fast help - got error msg by ldap admin tool ->

Postby Bastien » Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:53 pm


since i changed something on my ldap server win2k i cant connect anymore to it with the ldap admin tool i get folllowing error msg:

no client certificate to authenticate to rhein:636 found. Your SSL connection attempt may fail.

the client is still installed on my server so why is ldap admin tool complaining about it? do i need to copy the certificate also in the ldap admin tool directory ? if yes then it was deleted last time as i have removed and reinstalled the application ...

can someone help please i need to connect again to my server!

when i bind as currently logged in User in the Active directory it works then i can connect but using the same user/pass as the logged in user has then i cant bind to my server haha thats ridiculous... ok maybe you can help :)
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Postby Support » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:38 am

Message that you get is not an error. It's a warning.

SSL protocol has several modes it can operates in. In one mode the server may require the client to authenticate itself with a so called client certificate. That's is what warning is about. It means that there is no appropriate certificate at client side to send to server. In most cases this warning can be safely ignored.

Don't confuse this with usual situation (like doing online shopping) when a client wants to be sure that the server is authentic.

For more details please read various SSL and X.509 resources are available in the Internet.
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