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New User of Laimex

Postby DM » Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:59 pm

I am trying to export the ldap. Never used laimex.exe.
Objective: Export without arbitrary truncation of entries.
Process: Export to client and ftp to Ldap server. Run 'sed' commands to modify ldif. Then import to Ldap server.
Issue: The ldif file truncates in the middle of some strings so 'sed' does not find and replace all strings.

System where laimex is running: XP
System where laimex is attempting to connect: HPUX.

How to I execute laimex: Following syntax generates errors.
laimex /s /user admin /pwd admpwd /lbs UNIX /f test.ldif
"Binding ...
Fatal error occurred: 0x90041207
The authentication method is not supported."

I assume
test.ldif will be created in the location where I am executing laimex.

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Postby Support » Fri May 04, 2007 8:56 am

At first view there are two problems in your command line:

1) Authentication mechanism (/mech) is not specified. By default laimex uses GSS-SPNEGO which is not available by default on most *NIX servers. Try using /mech SIMPLE .
2) You specified '/user admin'. This might work with GSS-SPNEGOm but does not with most *NIX servers. Simple authentication requires using of DN string, something like cn=admin or cn=administrator,dc=example,dc=com
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