LDAP operations error occurred

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LDAP operations error occurred

Postby webbooo » Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:53 am


just an issue I'm hoping someone can help with. I'm using the LDAP browser to query our AD. The connection string looks something like this.

LDAP://domaincontroler01.company.ab.xyz ... =xyz,dc=au

Using my account the connection works fine. The issue occurs when I try to export the data. I get the error "LDAP operations error occurred - The directory servce encountered an unknown failure"

If I perform the same function on another DC it works fine. Initially I had the issue occur on one of our DC's, the DC was removed and promoted back in and it resolved the issue howvere it has started happening on another DC now. I dont want to remove this DC without knowning the root cause.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there anything the LDAP browser can provide to get some more clarity on this error?

Thank in advance
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