Updating Users Givenname, Surname and email address

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Updating Users Givenname, Surname and email address

Postby stebbo » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:18 am

Hello there,

our AD has very patchy information and I would like to update our user's givenname, sn and email attributes. I have all this information available and would like to enquire as to the recommended way of doing this.

I was thinking of using the export feature then add the informatin to the spreadsheet created and then import from that file.

However, I notice the exported file has a great deal of information on each user and was concerned about re-importing this information (GUIDs, creation dates, etc).

Could someone please advise as to the best method to update all the exting users with a givenname, sn and email address?

Ta muchly,
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Re: Updating Users Givenname, Surname and email address

Postby Support » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:26 pm

Hello Chris,

Please do the following:
1) Perform the export, but do not export all the attributes. On the third step of Export Data Wizard (LDAP Settings page) you can specify attributes to be exported. So on this step you should specify only that attributes which you want to update
2) Update data in the exported spreadsheet
3) Import them back with the enabled 'Update existing objects' option (Document Extra Options page in the Import Data Wizard)
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