Need help connecting to New MS LDAP Server

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Need help connecting to New MS LDAP Server

Postby romious4 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:32 pm

I installed a LDAP on a windows 2008r2 server and configured the local admin account as administrator of LDAP. I installed LDAP Administrator and was able to connect to the ldap server. I created an account but noticed the 'userpassword' attribute was missing so I tried to add it and after typing in the password the error below occurred.

"An error occurred while updating the entry. Illegal modification operation. Some aspect of the modification is not permitted."

The server hosting the ldap server is running a trial version of LDAP administrator 2013.2.

I purchased LDAP administrator 2014.1 and tried unsuccessfully remotely to connect to the ldap database due to user ldap credentials.
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Re: Need help connecting to New MS LDAP Server

Postby Support » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:33 am

In AD user password is stored in unicodePwd attribute. This attribute is not retrievable, so you can't retrieve its value. Even if you can, it is stored in one way format, so there is no way to get original password. If you want to change user password using LDAP Administstrator, you need to right click on him and then, from the context menu that opens select All Tasks->Reset Password... command. Using the Reset Password dialog you can set or change a user password.
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