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dn of user

Postby ratnashilpa » Tue May 01, 2007 6:57 am

hi all,
i have got a problem. we have created a user in the People hierarchy of SunOne.
when we click on that user,we get to see its dn below,which shows "uid=user,ou=People,dc=mydomain,dc=com" .......
but when we right click on the user and try to edit,,, we get to see the user dn as "uid=user,ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=com"........
why is there a case change in both the dn's near "people"?? one showes "People" and the other shows "people"......how do v solve this error.....

kindly reply soon.,..........
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Postby Support » Fri May 04, 2007 8:48 am

Lowercasing of DNs is a feature which origin comes from deep internals of the application. Most attributes are case-insensitive and therefore it should not be a problem.

Is 'ou' attribute case-sensitive on your server?
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Postby ratnashilpa » Mon May 07, 2007 11:49 am

not exactly.....actually we use the "entrydn" attribute for some authentication purpose and this attribute stores everything in small case,whereas the original value of "ou" is "People". hence we were facing a problem. but i guess......making our server as case-insesitive would solve the problem right???

but in case our server is case-sensitive.....then.the original value would be "ou=People" whereas the "entrydn" attribute would store it as "ou=people" ......in that case what should be done??? i guess we cant use "toLowercase" coz the locale problem comes up then........

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