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ABANDON log messages

Postby kenw620 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:43 pm


We are running Running LDAP Admin 3.5, Sun1 Directory server 5.2 patch 4.
We have noticed in the access logs whenever someone connects with LDAP Admin (and before any search is performed) there are 2 ABANDON messages (see below). Any idea what is causing this? Thanks.

conn=115603 op=-1 msgId=-1 - fd=181 slot=181 LDAPS connection from to
conn=115603 op=-1 msgId=-1 - SSL 128-bit RC4
conn=115603 op=0 msgId=5 - BIND dn="cn=Direct Admin32" method=128 version=3
conn=115603 op=0 msgId=5 - RESULT err=49 tag=97 nentries=0 etime=0.077140
conn=115603 op=1 msgId=4 - SRCH base="" scope=0 filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="* createTimestamp modifyTimestamp creatorsName modifiersName subschemaSubentry namingContexts supportedExtension supportedfeatures supportedControl supportedSASLMechanisms supportedLDAPVersion altServer defaultnamingcontext vendorName vendorVersion"
conn=115603 op=1 msgId=4 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=0.005900
conn=115603 op=2 msgId=6 - ABANDON targetop=NOTFOUND msgid=4
conn=115603 op=3 msgId=7 - BIND dn="cn=Direct Admin32" method=128 version=3
conn=115603 op=3 msgId=7 - RESULT err=0 tag=97 nentries=0 etime=0.000670 dn="cn=direct admin32"
conn=115603 op=4 msgId=8 - SRCH base="dc=northeastzone,dc=com" scope=0 filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="1.1"
conn=115603 op=4 msgId=8 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=0.000520
conn=115603 op=5 msgId=9 - SRCH base="dc=northeastzone,dc=com" scope=1 filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="1.1"
conn=115603 op=5 msgId=9 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=2 etime=0.019410
conn=115603 op=6 msgId=10 - SRCH base="dc=northeastzone,dc=com" scope=0 filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="* aci createTimestamp creatorsName iplanet-am-role-aci-list modifiersName modifyTimestamp objectClasses subschemaSubentry"
conn=115603 op=6 msgId=10 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=0.001930
conn=115603 op=7 msgId=11 - SRCH base="cn=schema" scope=0 filter="(objectClass=subschema)" attrs="modifyTimestamp objectClass"
conn=115603 op=7 msgId=11 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=0.034520
conn=115603 op=8 msgId=12 - ABANDON targetop=NOTFOUND msgid=11
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Postby Support » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:45 am

In some cases LDAP Admnistrator may send an abandon request to an opration it has initiated before. There should not be any problems if server have already completed the opration and there is nothing to abandon.
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