Template-Manager (german: "Vorlagen-Manager") question!

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Template-Manager (german: "Vorlagen-Manager") question!

Postby manx » Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:39 pm

Hi @all!

One question concerning the Template-Manager.
Would it be possible to determine variables in the *.etx file.

My Email-User-Data is stored in Openldap.
I have for example:

uid: john.doe
mail: john.doe@example.tld
mailMessageStore: /some/path/john.doe
deliveryProgramPath: /path/to/maildrop -d john.doe

It would be great and it would avoid typos, if I could do
Code: Select all
<EntryTemplateAttribute Name="uid" Required="true" Binary="false">
<EntryTemplateAttribute Name="mail" Required="true" Binary="false">
       <Value>$uid@example.tld</Value>  ## notice the $


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