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Performing Multiple Entry Modifications

LDAP Aministrator allows performing several operations on LDAP entries with one request. For example, you can add the 'description' attribute and remove 'mail' attributes in one wizard run. With the help of the Multiple Modification wizard, you can add, modify or remove existing LDAP attributes.

To perform a multiple modification: 

  1. Select entries, to which you'd like to apply the modifications.

  2. Click Multiple Modifications on the Entry toolbar, or if you've selected more than one entry select the same command from the context menu to launch the Multiple Modifications wizard.

To specify modifications you would like to perform on the selected entries: 

  1. Click the Add button located on the right-hand side of the modifications list.

  2. If you'd like to add new or modify existing attributes, choose Add/Modify Attribute item.

  3. If you'd like to delete an attribute or some of its values, choose Remove Attribute item.

The Add/Modify Attribute wizard is used to specify modification details. Learn more about Add/Modify Attribute Wizard.

When you need some attributes to include values of other attributes while modifying entries, you can use attribute value references. For example, you may want the 'mail' attribute of some users to contain the user UID and a constant domain name. Since the attribute values will be different for each user, you won't be able to perform such operations without using special means. This is the situation when value references can be of help for you.

To perform such a modification, you need to specify the following value for the 'mail' attribute:, where %uid% is a reference to the 'uid' attribute. Before setting the value to a user entry, LDAP Administrator will substitute %uid% with the real value of the uid attribute creating unique values for each user entry.

To edit a modification: 

  1. Click the Add button.

  2. Choose an appropriate modification type, e.g. Add/Modify Attribute or Remove Attribute.

To delete a modification: 

  1. Select modification you'd like to delete.

  2. Click the Delete button.

Use Favorite Modifications

You can store the specified modifications for the further use.

To save modifications to Favorites:

  1. Click the Favorite Modifications button.

  2. Press the Save As button.

  3. Type a name of the modification and click Save.

With the modification already saved, its newly given name will appear in the modification's drop-down list for you to be able to choose it at any time.

To use a modification previously saved to Favorites:

  1. Click the Favorite Modifications button.

  2. Choose a modification by name from the drop-down list. If you can't find the desired modification in the list, choose the Browse item to locate the target modification file in other folders.

To delete a modification from Favorites:

  1. Click the Favorite Modifications button.

  2. Select a target modification in the drop-down list.

  3. Press the Delete button.

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