Softerra LDAP AdministratorTM is an easy-to-use LDAP administration tool designed to work with almost any LDAP server including Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Netscape/iPlanet, etc.

Softerra LDAP AdministratorTM significantly simplifies management of LDAP directories providing advanced directory search facilities, bulk update operations, group membership management facilities, etc. Customizable directory reports equip administrative personnel with information necessary for effective monitoring and audit. Directory data can be exported and imported in LDIF, CSV, DSML1, DSML2 and other formats. LDAP-SQL support allows managing LDAP entries using SQL-like syntax and performing LDAP operations that cannot be executed via standard LDAP means.

Powerful Directory Search

Directory Search is a powerful and flexible tool to search the directory quickly and efficiently. Using various search parameters, like LDAP filter, base DN, search scope, etc., you can accurately define the criteria to find the entries you need. When the entries are found, you can manage them as you do when browsing the directory tree, i.e. modify, delete, add to the Basket, export to a file, etc.

Search History

The application stores the parameters of every search made with the Directory Search tool in the Search History. This allows you to view the parameters of previous searches and quickly restore them. You can also pin the frequently-used searches to display them on the top of the list to quickly access them every time you need.

Favorite Search Parameters

Favorite Search Parameters

The Favorite Search Parameters feature allows you to store frequently-used search parameters to quickly reproduce the similar searches in future.

Enhanced LDAP Filter Builder

LDAP Administrator simplifies the creation and analysis of LDAP search filters with the help of LDAP Filter Builder. Instead of manually entering a search filter, you can easily create it with visual LDAP Filter Builder that provides Intellisense, drug'n'drop, undo/redo, filter verification, and other features to streamline filter creation. Also LDAP Filter Builder allows to save LDAP filters in order to re-use them again.

Quick Search Bar

If you have to instantly find a directory entry by a keyword or phrase, the Quick Search Bar is definitely what you need. It lets you quickly search for entries using a word combination or expression that is a part of their attributes.

Quick Search Bar


With the help of LDAP Administrator, you can search the directory using the SQL syntax. Via SQL human-readable expressions, you can specify what and where to look for. With LDAP-SQL, you can also execute searches that cannot be done with standard LDAP means. For example, you can use LDAP attribute values as search filter parameters.