LDAP Broswer 4.5 SSL connection

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LDAP Broswer 4.5 SSL connection

Postby acrusan » Mon May 13, 2013 2:28 pm

I am getting the error "Cannot contact to the LDAP server" when trying to connect using SSL. I am able to connect without trying to use ssl. Is there a list of steps out there for getting SSL working?
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Re: LDAP Broswer 4.5 SSL connection

Postby kirill.kovalenko » Mon May 13, 2013 5:25 pm

It's quite often that you need to perform certain actions on the server side to have the SSL support enabled. Thus, please consult your server documentation first.

If you are sure that SSL on the server side is set up and working properly, the next step would be to make sure that there is no network communication (firewall, that is most often) problems between the server and client machine. The check is usually involves using network tools such as telnet, nc (netcat), openssl or even your web browser to make sure that the server's host:port is accessible from the client host and an SSL negotiation handshake takes place.

The last possible set of problems could be SSL certificate related once, such as expiration time or lack of trust. Those are usually do not lead to the "Cannot contact to the server" error. You can enable SCHANNEL logging to troubleshoot this kind of problems.
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