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V2008/01: search issues

Postby aci » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:50 am

Please consider small unsability improvements for version 2008/01:

1) right mosue button/context menu - "search":
Please re-add the "search dircectory" function to the right-mouse button/context menu (as it was in previous versions 3.x)
This missing function is annoying, because it really breaks upgrade usability, if this function has been there for years and now its gone.

2) basedn of dockable search
If the search window is docked inside the browser:
when changing the basedn for the browsing frame by clicking on a node in left tree frame, the basedn of the search frame is unchanged:
please also change the basedn for a docked seach frame when clicking on a different tree node.

3) remember dockable search
if a search window has been docked, please remember this view state on exit and restart of ldap admin.

4) hide option for html view tab
please allow to completely hide the html tab (as it was in previous versions 3.x).
in 2008/01 unfortunately you can only hide the html tab once during installation
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