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Installation problem

Postby Support » Mon Aug 25, 2003 7:57 am


An error occurs while attempting to install LDAP Browser/LDAP Administrator and the installation process is abandoned.


The reason for the above is usually one of the following:

  • The installation package has been corrupted/damaged during download.
  • You are not duly authorized to install the applications to your system.
  • Your hard drive has run out of free space or your disk quota is exceeded.
  • You don't have permissions to write to the application destination folder.


  • To make sure the installation package is not damaged, you need to check its MD5 hash sum. To calculate MD5/SHA1 hash, you can use one of the free hash calculators available. After getting the package's MD5/SHA1 hash sum, you then need to compare it to the original one provided at the download page. If MD5/SHA1 hash differs in any way, this means that the package is corrupted and has to be downloaded anew. Please note that the damaged package might have been cached by your proxy servers chain or by your web browser local cache, so it's strongly recommended you disable your proxy and clear the browser cache before a repeat file download.
  • Make sure you are duly authorized to install applications and to write to the filesystem.
  • Check if your hard drive has enough free disk space. Perform a temporary directory cleaup, if necessary. It's recommended you have at least 20 Mb free disk space of the destination drive to ensure successful installation.
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