How can I connect to Windows Active Directory?

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How can I connect to Windows Active Directory?

Postby Support » Fri Feb 01, 2002 6:56 am


LDAP Administrator 2008.x or 3.x

When you connect to the Active Directory server using LDAP Administrator 2008 or 3.x expanding a first level node cases Operations Error with message The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not been authenticated or Invalid Credentials with The logon attempt failed.

LDAP Browser 2.x

When you connect to the Active Directory server using LDAP Browser 2.x, in the Output window or the messages.log file you'll see the following lines:

Code: Select all
Successfully connected to
Schema cache does not exist or expired. Fetching new one...
AttributeTypes:       Total: 0 Invalid: 0 Duplicated: 0
LDAPObjectClasses:     Total: 0 Invalid: 0 Duplicated: 0
MatchingRules:        Total: 0 Invalid: 0 Duplicated: 0
... with no entries available for browsing or search except the RootDSE entry. The absence of schema can create problems while trying to browse directories or to view binary attributes in particular.


You may experience such a behaviour when you connect to the Active Directory server anonymously or use invalid credentials. Windows logon name notion if often confused with the notion of LDAP DN. The former one could not be used to Active Directory authentication.


Unless specially configured, it is imperative you provide valid credentials for connecting to the Active Directory server.

To edit your credentials, open Server Profile Properties. Choose the Credentials tab and enter the proper user name and password into the corresponding input boxes. Generally, the Active Directory credentials have the following format: CN=Windows_User_Name,CN=Users,DC=company_name,DC=domain. For example: CN=John Smith,CN=Users,DC=example,DC=com. It's also possible to use the Kerberos principal name. For example:

If you use LDAP Administrator 3.3 or later you may opt for using Currently logged on user checkbox and do not type any credentials information at all.
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