I've got the "Ordinal 6567 could not be located in MFC42U.DL

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<h2>FAQ: I've got the "Ordinal 6567 could not be located in MFC42U.DLL" error. What went wrong?</h2><h2>QUESTION</h2><h2>SYMPTOMS</h2><p>While trying to start LDAP Administrator or LDAP Browser, the <b>Ordinal 6567 could not be located in MFC42U.DLL</b> error was displayed.</p><h2>CAUSE</h2><p>The problem occurred due to you having an invalid version of MFC42U.DLL installed. What LDAP Administrator requires is the MFC42U.DLL version supplied with Visual C++ v.6.0. So most probably you've got an older version installed on your system, perhaps the one supplied with Visual C++ v.5 or v.4.2.</p><h2>WORKAROUND</h2><p>We suggest you obtain a valid version of MFC42U.DLL. For example, you can get your copy from a PC where the application is working fine or from a Visual C++ 6.0 CD-ROM.</p>
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