LDAP Administrator 2019.2: New Version Is Out Now 08/30/2019
The second release of the year introduces group membership enhancements for Active Directory, improved object selection dialog, new functions for LDAP-SQL, faster data export and other improvements. Read more at our What's New page and download the new version now.
LDAP Administrator gets upgraded to 2019.1! 02/07/2019
LDAP Administrator 2019.1 is out and available for download. The latest upgrade brings redesigned HTML View, enhancements to the Quick Search functionality, a more user-friendly object selection in SQL-Query and LDIF Editor dialogs, a new option for data export and other improvements. For more details about the latest version, check out the What's new page, or download it straight away.
LDAP Administrator 2018 is live and available for download! 09/27/2018
With this latest upgrade LDAP Administrator gets an improved design of the entire application, enhanced user interface and provides a better overall user experience. You can download LDAP Administrator 2018 here and get more details about the upgrade on a dedicated What's new page.
LDAP Administrator 2017 is finally here! 10/12/2017
Good news everyone! LDAP Administrator 2017 is out and already waiting for you to download. It brings multiple improvements to group management, adds support for dynamic groups, Exchange query-based distribution lists, bulk membership management, filtering groups and members in lists. It also brings support for subentry management and, as a cherry on top, LDAP Administrator now has a new look and feel that supports high-resolution screens. For more details see the What's new page.
LDAP Administrator 2015.2 Is Now Live 11/12/2015
LDAP Administrator 2015.2 - this year's second release - is now available for download. Easy and intuitive LDAP directory management has become the main focus of the new version. We have significantly improved performance of long-running operations and operations on multiple objects. For all things new in LDAP Administrator 2015.2 please visit our What’s New page.
LDAP Administrator 2015.1 is available 01/29/2015
We are glad to announce that Softerra LDAP Administrator is upgraded to version 2015.1 and is available for download. The 2015.1 upgrade continues to improve the already great user experience by adding some important features such as: support for Active Directory Recycle Bin, restoring AD objects in bulk, restoring AD objects with children, improved search of deleted object(s), undo delete option, uid Support for posixGroup Membership, quick jump to entry, important bug fixes and overall stability improvements. Download LDAP Administrator 2015.1 to get all the improvements straight away. For a full list of changes visit the What’s New page.
Ver. 2014.1, the newest version of LDAP Administrator, launches today. 04/02/2014
LDAP Administrator becomes even more straightforward and easier to work with. We've simplified browsing and LDAP directories management processes by introducing new customization features and usability improvements. All to make the work with the tool more efficient and streamlined. For a complete list of changes and additions available in the latest release, read our What’s New guide.
New and Improved: LDAP Administrator 2013.2 is officially launched and available to download. 09/18/2013
Softerra LDAP Administrator has been officially updated to version 2013.2 and is already available for download from our website. Performance feels generally faster, functionality includes new features for group membership management, List View introduces the new group mode. Noticeably enhanced and renewed, the new version is designed to optimize your experience with managing LDAP directory processes and to bring you the new ways of doing more actions in less clicks. Get more info on the latest release and its improvements at our What’s New page.
Softerra LDAP Administrator 2013.1: New Version Went Live 12/13/2012
Softerra LDAP Administrator 2013.1: New Version Went Live. We are pleased to announce the launch of Softerra LDAP Administrator 2013.1. The new version introduces a variety of enhancements including IPv6 protocol support, command line builder for Import/Export, user interface improvements and other functionality highly requested by our customers. For more details on Softerra LDAP Administrator's 2013.1 prominent features, please refer to our What’s New page. You are welcome to download and evaluate new Softerra LDAP Administrator 2013.1 for free!
Softerra Unveils New Version of LDAP Administartor 2012.2 07/10/2012
Softerra Unveils New Version of LDAP Administartor 2012.2. New enhanced version of Softerra LDAP Administrator is now officially available for you to download. Updated navigation bar, new attribute editors, several data import improvements and many other feature additions promise to make the work with the tool more stable and responsive than ever. For more details on changes available in the new release please refer to the What’s New page.