2009.1 Release 03/04/2009
Softerra is pleased to announce the release of Softerra LDAP Administrator 2009.1, the next major upgrade of Softerra LDAP Administrator. You are welcome to purchase the latest version of industry-leading software or upgrade your current license to enjoy a variety of brilliant innovations and enhancements.
Christmas Sale campaign! 12/17/2008
Softerra is happy to announce the launch of 2008 Christmas Sale campaign! From December 18th to January 14th we offer Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 Single License for just $200.00. Waste no time, join Softerra LDAP Administrator community now and save 20%! Christmas offer includes a free update to the upcoming new version that is going be released in 2-3 weeks.
LDAP Administrator 2008.1 Released 04/22/2008
Softerra today releases LDAP Administrator 2008.1 - another major upgrade of its 3.x software. Packed with distinctive innovations and numerous handy wizards, Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 combines the advantages of previous versions and the latest achievements in LDAP technology to address all known issues in LDAP server management and administration. Waste no time, learn our new prices and purchase the 2008.1 release now!
Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008 Beta 03/25/2008
Softerra is proud to announce the beta release of its Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008. This beta release aims to gain users feedback before advancing to the next stage in the release process. The final version of Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008 will be released when we qualify the product as fully ready for our customers. All prospective and existing users of Softerra LDAP Administrator 3.x are welcome to review an extensive list of features and enhancements found in Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008 Beta, and benefit from our new upgrade policy. As always, we appreciate your feedback either through our feedback form or Support Forum.
Annual Christmas Sale 12/05/2007
Softerra announces the beginning of its traditional Christmas Sale. From Thursday, December 6, 2007 till Monday, January 14, 2008 you may purchase Softerra LDAP Administrator 3.x Single License (Christmas Edition) for $175.00 instead of $215.00. Proceed to our online store now and save up to 20%!
Softerra Celebrates Its 100,000th Customer Download 05/21/2007
Softerra today celebrates the 100,000th download of its LDAP Administrator 3.x software. Softerra LDAP Administrator is currently deployed by many educational and governmental establishments and more than 10,000 companies, including some of the biggest names such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Toyota Europe, Siemens Business Services, Fidelity Investments, Nokia and more. A significant portion of Softerra??™s growth can be attributed to its market expansion through reseller partners in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. With the daily addition of 100 new users from across the globe, Softerra continues to set the pace in LDAP administration services and innovations.
Special Christmas Offer on LDAP Administrator! 12/03/2006
Softerra stands by its good tradition to mark the festive season with special Christmas offer. This year Softerra traditionally welcomes everyone to save about 25% of the product's standard single license price paying just $175.00 instead of $215.00! Go ahead and proceed to our online store for the offer is limited (through Jan 14 2007).
LDAP Administrator 3.3.1 released. 02/07/2006
Softerra LDAP Administrator 3.3.1 has been released. The new release is a minor release which introduces a command line tool used for importing/exporting directory data and fixes issues reported by now. From now on, you can perform directory export and import operations without having to run the LDAP Administrator GUI. Unleash the power of LA import/export engine with your backup, deployment, and other unattended scripts!
LDAP Administrator 3.3 has been released. 02/07/2006
Softerra LDAP Administrator 3.3 has been released. The new release introduces some innovative Active Directory-specific features along with more UI and usability implements. Please take a look at the complete list of changes.
Good News for all LDAP Administrator Enterprise customers! 10/24/2005
With the new LDAP Administrator update already available, Softerra introduces a USD 1.000 saving Trade-In Offer for all Operating Maintenance License holders to have a chance to convert to the Unlimited Site License coming with the latest application version under the best of terms! View details on how to get promoted at a very liberal price.