LDAP Administrator Christmas Sale Is Over! 01/15/2004
LDAP Administrator Christmas Sale Is Over! We at Softerra would like to express tremendous gratitude to all the LDAP Administrator User Community for your continued interest in our product, as well as for your valuable contribution and support, and to officially declare our Christmas Sale Program to be over starting today. Please get prepared for the upcoming release of the brand new LDAP Administrator version 3.0 to be announced shortly!
LDAP Administrator 3.0 beta testing declared over! 10/29/2003
LDAP Administrator 3.0 beta testing program has been declared over! It is with tremendous gratitude to all of our product users who made valuable contributions to the process of making LDAP Administrator a better piece of software that we declare the beta testing campaign of version 3.0 to be officially completed. We at Softerra do appreciate your effort - thanks very much indeed, everybody! Now please expect the release to be announced early next year (beginning of January).
LDAP Administrator 3.0 beta has been released! 09/15/2003
LDAP Administrator 3.0 beta has been released! Encouraged by more than 200 000 trusted LDAP Administrator/Browser users around the globe, Softerra and its LDAP Administrator Developers Team in particular are just a few steps away from hitting the market with a new revolutionary piece of LDAP software, now presenting its LDAP Administrator 3.0 beta! To learn more about the major product improvements, please visit our Features page. Not yet using LDAP Administrator? Don't waste your time and join our growing community by becoming a registered product owner to get entitled to a great upgrade offer coming soon!
Version 2.5.3 Released 08/18/2003
Softerra LDAP Administrator and LDAP Browser version 2.5.3 have been released! 2.5.3 is a maintenance release offering fixes for LDIF changerecord import and other minor issues.
Version 2.5.2 Released 06/03/2003
Softerra LDAP Administrator and LDAP Browser version 2.5.2 have been released! 2.5.2 is a maintenance release offering fixes for such major features as Active Directory referral chasing and ISODE directory server schema fetching.
Version 2.5.1 Released 04/15/2003
Softerra LDAP Administrator version 2.5.1 has been released! The new version is intended to target a number of significant issues like X.509 viewer, LDIF import and referrals chasing, reported to have experienced minor problems. However, please note that you do not exactly need to upgrade from version 2.5 if you have not had any problems with the above-mentioned features. Please expect Softerra LDAP Browser 2.5.1 to be out within the next two weeks.
Version 2.4 Released 10/15/2002
Softerra LDAP Browser and LDAP Administrator versions 2.4 have been released! No doubt this is the most noticeable update since the release of version 2.0! The package introduces an impressive set of brand new features like: custom filters, Treeview sorting, the Password Manager now supporting SSHA and SMD5 hash methods, LDIF export of operational attributes, the new "Check for updates" wizard, AutoComplete for frequently used edit boxes and more... Besides, a lot of server specific issues have been fixed.
Version 2.3 released 06/13/2002
Softerra released LDAP Browser and LDAP Administrator version 2.3 (build 275). This version has improved perfomance and memory consumption, updated Help and German localization. Among the newly introduced features there are BASE64 save and load for binary attributes as well as final support for Microsoft Exchange 5.5. For users who have to work with slow connection there is no necessaty to wait at the application shutdown for pending queries.
LDAP Administrator has been highly acclaimed by PC Magazine 03/11/2002

LDAP Administrator received excellent reviews in the latest edition of the PC Magazine! That's what they think about our product: "...Overall, we were extremely impressed with this product's great performance, impressive feature set, ease of use, and reasonable price. Softerra LDAP Administrator v.2.1.1 is a must-have for anyone involved in LDAP directory management."