Users Say Martin Pegler DatASE
I wouldn't be able to do the job I do if I hadn't have had LDAP Administrator for the last 7 years, it's helped me learn so much about AD and OpenLDAP and is the best software for working with directory servers.
Users Say Mark Casey Director, Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd
Your product looks great, I am developing a product which will use LDAP, I may well use your product to maintain the LDAP database...
Users Say Fabian Kraetschmer Datenverarbeitung Klinikum Hannover
LdapAdministrator is THE BEST program LDAP-directories concerning! We're a Hospital with lot more than 1000 (!) beds and we'll love to use it: You make a very good job and I'm very happy with this helpful tool!
Users Say Willet Cheung Bank of Montreal
It's a great product...
Users Say Johannes Verelst Baan International, B.V.
The best LDAP tool've seen. Only problem I had with it was that creating new objects wasn't very intuitive.
Users Say Chee-Hong WONG
I am impressed by the responsiveness of your UI. Good representation and very intuitive. Great Work!
Users Say Alan Mackenzie Coordinator for Technical Programme Management, ISO
I have successfully downloaded and installed the software... I am a very satisfied customer? Thanks again for all your help.
Users Say John Hoke
I use this application everyday in my day job, and it is hands down the best LDAP browser/administration tool I have found.
Users Say George Krucik Eletel, Inc.
... First -- let me say -- it is a great product and quite frankly I haven't found one in the same league as yours :-))
Users Say Andre Essing Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Systems GmbH
I must say, your LDAP-Administrator is my personal favorite...