Users Say Hurtado Hector Puratos Group
... let me congratulate, you and your team, for the Softerra LDAPAdministrator. .... the product has a clean interface and performs veryfast.
Users Say Bill Hughes Xerox, USA
I am now operational it looks like a very powerful tool and easy to use. I am not an expert in a lot of this stuff I am putting together and if I can use it then it must be a user friendly tool.
Users Say Dave Beckett
...Really useful product. Saves me a lot of time and effort...
Users Say Adam R. Christopher Systems integrator, University of Denver
I got the licenses and everything is working great. Thanks, guys!!
Users Say Innar Liiv CEO of Vertical Software
Thank you, thought about it - and your product was really the best on the market
Users Say Patrick Ready Bank of America
I've been using the LDAP Browser to connect to our corporate LDAP directory, and it's by far the best browser I've ever used. Kudos!
Users Say Harold Solbrig Division of Biomedical Informatics, Mayo Clinic
BTW - absolutely love the product - we use it on a regular basis to manage medical terminologies.
Users Say Anwar Bashir Technician Manager, University of Teesside, UK
Overall, this is a brillant...
Users Say Michael Gallagher PSEG
...This made the tool excellent for reporting purposes.
Users Say David Wilson D c D a t a
Wow! I've just tested your Softerra LDAP browser and am very impressed.