Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 - What's New?

Table of Contents User Interface Style Refresh Modeless and Dockable Dialogs Basket Directory Search Enhancements Improved DN Editor List View Improvements Multiple Modifications Attribute Creation Wizard Enhancements Attribute Value References Advanced Copy Active Directory Partitions Management Miscellaneous

Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 includes nearly five dozen new features, improvements and user interface refinements, many of which are based on the community feedbacks from previous versions.

Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 is built on top of a new application platform that has been under development for the past couple of years. The new platform provides improved performance, stability and scalability resulting in better experience to offer to those involved in LDAP directories development, deployment and administration.

Below are the highlights of the major feature additions and changes in Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 from the previous version, Softerra LDAP Administrator 3.x.

User Interface Style Refresh

Softerra LDAP Administrator 2008.1 user interface has been refreshed - now it has friendly-looking icons, an improved color palette, neat menus and more flexible customization options. Some toolbars and context menus have been reorganized to make the user interface more intuitive. Besides, the user interface has become sensitive to the current LDAP server, which allows showing only those commands that can be applied to this server type.

Main window
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Modeless and Dockable Dialogs

This is one of the most awaited features - all major dialogs, frequently used windows and all property pages are now modeless, which allows working with the application without having to close them. This is extremely beneficial when working with Directory Search or Schema Viewer.

In addition to the modelessness, Directory Search, Schema Viewer and Groups and Members dialogs are dockable, which significantly facilitates working with them in particular and the application in general. Docking windows can be useful for personalizing the application layout or arranging multiple open windows into logical groups.

Docking Directory Search window
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This is an absolutely new and unique feature designed to allow batch modification of multiple LDAP entries from different locations, including different LDAP servers. Basket is a virtual container that can be populated with LDAP entries by using drag-and-drop or Add to Basket command from any place in Softerra LDAP Administrator user interface.

Adding entries to Basket

When Basket is populated with LDAP entries, different operations like Export Data, Multiple Modification, Delete, etc. can be executed on each of them like if they were located in a single real container.

Basket context menu
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Directory Search Enhancements

The Directory Search dialog has been significantly changed and now offers the following new features:

Directory Search
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Improved DN Editor

Now you can benefit from Browse button embedded into every edit box used for editing LDAP Distinguished Names (DNs). The button launches a dialog which allows choosing DNs by visually navigating through a directory tree instead of typing it manually.

Choose DN Dialog
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List View Improvements

Choosing extra columns
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Multiple Modifications

The brand-new Multiple Modification Wizard allows applying one or more modifications at once to a collection of LDAP entries from single or multiple sources including entries from different LDAP servers. Multiple modifications can be applied to a directory tree branch, List View or Basket contents and Directory Search result providing ultimate flexibility of directory data modification.

Running Multiple Modification Wizard

In addition, the Multiple Modification Wizard has been enriched with the power of attribute value references which are very useful when you need an attribute value to be generated from existing attribute values.

Multiple Modification Wizard
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Attribute Creation Wizard Enhancements

The Attribute Modification Wizard has been greatly enhanced. Now it allows adding new or modifying existing attributes of several selected LDAP entries. While performing such updates, you can also use attribute value references.

Attribute Creation Wizard
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Attribute Value References

Attribute value references are helpful if you need some attribute values to include values of other attributes when creating or modifying entries. This new handy feature allows you to use value references when creating LDAP entries based on entry templates or when modifying them with the help of the Add or Modify Attribute and Multiple Modifications wizards.

Auto-Generated Value hint

You can insert a value reference either by entering it manually or with the help of the Insert Value Reference wizard.

Insert Value Reference Wizard
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Advanced Copy

You can copy LDAP entries to the clipboard as DNs, LDAP URLs, LDIF or DSML documents just with a single mouse click on the Advanced Copy button.

Advanced Copy popup menu
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Active Directory Partitions Management

A new powerful feature has been developed providing an easy way to create, delete or manage replication of Active Directory or ADAM application partitions.

Partitions Manager
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