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Filtering Displayed Attributes

Each LDAP entry contains one or more attributes descriptive of itself. By default, it is user attributes that are fetched for entries in process of browsing, while operational attributes are not. However, LDAP Administrator provides the functionality for you to set which attributes you want visible.

To specify a set of attributes to display: 

  1. Select an entry or a profile, for which you want to specify a set of displayed attributes.

  2. Open the Properties page of the currently selected element by clicking Properties on the Standard toolbar.

  3. Choose the Displayed Attributes tab.

Specify a Set of User Attributes

To specify a set of user attributes:

  1. Choose the Display specified attributes only option.

  2. Add the required attributes to the list by clicking the New button. To edit an existing attribute, select it and click on its name. To remove an attribute from the set, select one and click Delete.

Specify a Set of Operational Attributes

Operational attributes are used by LDAP servers for administering the directory system itself and are not returned in search results unless explicitly requested by name. If you want LDAP Administrator to display operational attributes:

  1. Check the Display operational attributes box.

  2. Select the required operational attributes from the list displayed. You can add new operational attributes by clicking New or remove the ones superfluous by clicking Delete.

Favorite Settings

LDAP Administrator allows storing Displayed Attribute Settings for further reuse via the Favorite Settings section. When you open the dialog, this section will be hidden, so to get access to it, click the Favorite Settings button.

To save the Displayed Attribute Settings to Favorites:

  1. Specify the settings you'd like to save.

  2. Click the Favorite Settings button.

  3. Press the Save As button inside the Favorite Settings section.

  4. Enter a name for the settings and click Save.

After the settings have been saved, its newly given name will appear in the Settings drop-down list for you to be able to further choose it at any time.

To use any of the Displayed Attribute Settings previously saved to Favorites:

  1. Click the Favorite Settings button.

  2. Choose settings by name from the drop-down list located in the Favorite Settings section. If you can't find the desired settings in the list, choose the Browse item to look for the target settings file in other folders.

To delete Displayed Attribute Settings from Favorites:

  1. Click the Favorite Settings button.

  2. Select the target settings in the drop-down list.

  3. Press the Delete button inside the Favorite Settings section.

Once you've specified a set of attributes to display, it can by applied either to siblings or to descendants of an entry. In order for this set to apply to descendants, check the Propagate displayed attributes box.

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