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Looking Up Servers Using DNS

The DNS offers a mechanism which enables servers or their administrators to publish server addresses so that clients could obtain lists of available servers by just using a domain name. This DNS technology is called Service Resource Records (SRV RRs). Large-sized organizations often use SRV RRs to optimize management of resources and to make sure service clients can easily locate a desired resource.

LDAP Administrator now supports SRV RRs and hence allows performing search of LDAP servers within your organization domain or in any other DNS domain available.

To look up a set of LDAP servers published in a DNS domain: 

  1. Enter a DNS domain name that you’d like to check for available servers in the Lookup in Domain edit box.

  2. Click the Lookup button.

After the search is over, you can accept one of the elements found by selecting an item from the list and pressing the Select button.

The DNS Lookup feature is not available under Windows NT 4.0!

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