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Modifying Referral Entries

Referral entries are entries containing information to refer users to an alternate LDAP location. In process of browsing a directory tree, the entries themselves remain invisible and thus unavailable for user modification - an LDAP server they belong to just returns the referral information.

However, if you need to modify or delete referral entries, it will be possible with the ManageDsaIT control enabled. This control informs an LDAP server of your intention to manage referrals as regular entries, asking it to return entries 'as is' rather than just the information they actually refer to.

To enable the ManageDsaIT control:

  1. Select a server profile or (if using the Manual mode for handling referrals) a referral entry, for which you'd like to enable or disable the control.

  2. Click ManageDsaIt on the Server toolbar.

After you have the ManageDsaIT control enabled, you'll begin retrieving referral entries as regular entries with an ability to edit them. For example, editing might be required in order to change an LDAP URL of a referral, which is done by modifying the ref attribute of an entry describing this referral.

Your server may not support the ManageDsaIT control.

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