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Server Profiles

Most LDAP Administrator tasks involve operations with server profiles. LDAP Administrator uses server profiles to provide all the information necessary for connecting to an LDAP server, browsing its directory structure and performing various operations with the directory content.

Directory content of an LDAP server

A directory content of an LDAP server is organized as LDAP entries. Each LDAP entry consists of its LDAP attributes and may also have sub-entries.

Root entry of an LDAP server

The root entry of every LDAP server is RootDSE. Its content is usually configured via the configuration file and describes capabilities and other features of the LDAP server. RootDSE also specifies naming contexts, i.e. names of virtual entries that serve as a starting point for browsing directories.

Server Profiles can be joined together into groups or can be located directly under the root element of LDAP Administrator.

Every server profile holds complete information about how the connection with the LDAP server will be established and how the profile will behave at the time of browsing. This includes the following:

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