Standard Support

Registered users of Softerra LDAP Administrator are entitled to receive free Standard Technical Support. Standard Technical Support includes access to FAQ, Known Issues, and our Support Forum where users can submit their requests. User request can be also submitted by email. Softerra guarantees a response to your request within 5 working days. A Service Request should contain a clear, detailed description of the problem/question, and where applicable, provide a test case demonstrating a problem.

Priority Annual Support

Registered users may also opt for Priority Annual Support. If you order Priority Annual Support, your Service Requests will be handled before any of the same submitted by Standard Support receiving users or non-registered users, and you will get our response within 24 hours. All reported bugs will be fixed with a special patch sent to you within 5 working days. Additionally, your suggestions regarding new Softerra LDAP Administrator features or possible improvements will receive our most serious consideration and will be greatly appreciated. Minor improvements considered to be useful to other users will be implemented in a matter of days.

Priority Annual Support for Single License holders includes 8 Service Requests or 1 year of support (whichever comes first).

Priority Annual Support for Operating Maintenance License holders includes 30 Service Requests or 1 year of support (whichever comes first).

Priority Annual Support for Unlimited Site License holders includes 60 Service Requests or 1 year of support (whichever comes first).

Waste no time and order Priority Annual Support online.

Softerra LDAP Administrator licenses v.2.x and 3.x are no longer supported. Please upgrade your license to the current version to be able to further receive Support services from Softerra.
The above services shall only apply to Softerra-developed software issues, but NOT to any third-party technology which may be bundled with a Softerra software product. Contacting us to report a bug in the software at any time will incur no charges whatsoever.