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Quick Search Overview

Quick Search is an easy-to-use tool to search for entries based on a keyword or phrase expected to be a part of their attributes. LDAP Administrator displays search results in the same view with the selected entry by adding a special search node as its child. This means you can sort, see properties and otherwise change the way results are represented, just as you do for any other tree elements of the application.

In contrast to Directory Search, where you need to specify an LDAP filter, Quick Search builds the filter automatically based on a keyword or text entered, as well as on the search attribute groups selected. What can be specified for a search operation is referrals handling mode, results paging mode, search scope and attributes to search in. You can even edit the automatically generated LDAP filter.

Each item of a search result contains a full DN of the entry it refers to as its value, which helps distinguish between entries having equal RDNs. You can locate an entry in the directory tree by simply double-clicking a search result item.

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