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Editing Elements

LDAP Administrator provides several means for editing elements it currently displays. By editing we usually assume such operations as renaming entries and modifying their attribute values.

As far as renaming entries is concerned, in most cases the methods offered by the application are the following:

  • Press F2 on your keyboard.

  • Click Rename on the Standard toolbar.

  • Select an element and click on its title.

  • Select Rename from the Edit menu.

Now, when it comes to editing LDAP attribute values, the operation involves using the Modify command that's invoked in one of the following ways:

  • Press F4 on your keyboard.

  • Click Modify on the Standard toolbar.

  • Select an element and click its value in the list view pane.

  • Select Modify from the Edit menu.

As to an LDAP entry , we'd rather treat it as a separate issue. Because of its complex structure, an entry combines both of the editing approaches described above with any of the two available. Whatever method you choose, it'll only result in LDAP Administrator launching its special built-in tool called RDN Editor. To learn more about how to edit LDAP entries, please consult Renaming Entry.