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Browsing Directory

One of the key functions of LDAP Administrator is to enable users to browse and navigate LDAP directories. Since the information these directories contain has a hierarchical structure, it is quite natural for the application to visualize it as a tree displayed in the Scope Pane on the left-hand side of the screen. Those who have experience working with Windows Explorer, will find a lot in common between its folder view and the LDAP Administrator Scope Pane.

Having created a server profile, you can proceed down the tree expanding elements by clicking the button or by pressing Num + on the keyboard.

Every time you expand or select an entry in the Scope Pane, its attributes along with the values will be displayed in the Result Pane - a right-hand side pane designed to display entry contents. Along with the attributes of a currently selected entry, the Scope Pane also displays its immediate sub-entries (if any). The Result Pane can be used for navigation as well. Here you need to double-click a sub-entry or press Enter in order to expand it - just like you usually do with folders in Windows Explorer.