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Moving or Copying Elements

Most elements LDAP Administrator has to work with are containers, i.e. there are other elements which they consist of. For example, a group may contain profiles and other groups, while entries are supposed to have attributes and may be composed of one or more sub-entries.

LDAP Administrator offers two ways to copy or move an element or a group of elements from one container to another. They are:

  • Drag-and-Drop. Select an element (or elements) you'd like to copy or move. To move the selection, drag it to a desired destination element and then drop it by releasing the mouse button. In order to copy the selection leaving the source intact, keep the Ctrl button pressed when releasing the mouse button.

  • Windows Clipboard. Select an element (or elements) you'd like to copy or move. Click Cut or Copy in the Edit menu. Then select a destination element and click Paste in the Edit menu.

Both the Scope Pane and the Result List View Pane can be used to select elements for the copy/move operation. However, in order to copy or move a group of elements, you should use just the Result List View Pane because the Scope Pane does not allow selecting more than one element at a time.