• Can you visually and intuitively modify your LDAP directory without using command line utilities but still having all the advantages and power of Windows GUI?
  • Can you access OpenLDAP, Netscape/iPlanet, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, Lotus Domino or Microsoft Active Directory with just one tool?
  • Can you quickly manage and navigate throughout your directory regardless of its huge size and hierarchical complexity?
  • Have you got a tool that uses efficient LDIF import and export to maintain your directory in a good working order and to eliminate all sorts of data corruption risks so that you could always restore information from backup?

To answer "Yes" to all these questions, just start using Softerra LDAP Administrator to make your life a lot easier and your work a much more enjoyable experience!

What Users say

  • Users Say Patrick Ready Bank of America
    I've been using the LDAP Browser to connect to our corporate LDAP directory, and it's by far the best browser I've ever used. Kudos!
  • Users Say Fabian Kraetschmer Datenverarbeitung Klinikum Hannover
    LdapAdministrator is THE BEST program LDAP-directories concerning! We're a Hospital with lot more than 1000 (!) beds and we'll love to use it: You make a very good job and I'm very happy with this helpful tool!
  • Users Say Dave Beckett mapinfo.com
    ...Really useful product. Saves me a lot of time and effort...

Press Room

PC Magazine
...Overall, we were extremely impressed with this product's great performance, impressive feature set, ease of use, and reasonable price. Softerra LDAP Administrator is a must-have for anyone involved in LDAP directory management.
...it's excellent for visualizing LDAP data on everything from a small Domino LDAP server to a complex, multi-domain Microsoft Active Directory...
LDAP Administrator ... is a great tool for bringing together different LDAP-based services and applications...We recommend that sites managing multiple LDAP stores (as most sites do), particularly those working toward making these multiple stores work together, give LDAP Administrator a closer look.