Free Evaluation

Softerra grants its customers the opportunity to try Softerra LDAP Administrator free of charge during a 30-day period. Feel free to download the installation package to evaluate Softerra LDAP Administrator, no license key is required. You have full access to our Technical Support staff during the evaluation period.

License Types

Softerra LDAP Administrator is distributed under three license types:

  • Single License
  • Operating Maintenance License (OML)
  • Unlimited Site License (USL)

Single License authorizes its holder to install one program copy (which will be further run on that computer only) capable of working with any LDAP servers and directories.

Operating Maintenance License allows installing an unlimited number of application copies. However, these copies can be used to work with LDAP servers inside and outside of a definite number of predefined domains. A license-holding company may specify up to 20 domain names to be covered by OML.

Unlimited Site License allows its holder to install an unlimited number of application copies and use them with any LDAP servers. The usage of the product under this license is restricted by internal purposes of a license holder.

Updates and Upgrades

All registered users of Softerra LDAP Administrator, irrespective of the type of license they acquired, can upgrade their products to a newer version. There are two different options for upgrading your software:

Service Release (Update)

Service releases include updates, improvements and bug fixes based on the community feedback. Your Softerra LDAP Administrator license key is valid for any current version update and enables you to download and use the latest application builds free of charge from our website when they become available.

Major Release (Upgrade)

Upgrade is a major functional enhancement to the software that requires an upgrade fee. Owners of Annual Upgrade Protection receive major releases at no additional cost during the term of their Upgrade Protection coverage.

License & Maintenance Pricing

The chart below reflects pricing for Softerra LDAP Administrator licenses and maintenance.

License Type Quantity Price per License Annual Upgrade Protection * (Optional) Priority Annual Support ** (Optional)
Single License 1 $250.00 $85.00 $80.00
Single License 2-4 $235.00 $85.00 per license $80.00 per license
Single License 5-10 $220.00 $85.00 per license $80.00 per license
Single License 11-15 $205.00 $85.00 per license $80.00 per license
Operating Maintenance License 1 $1,599.00 $499.00 $275.00
Unlimited Site License 1 $4,799.00 $999.00 $550.00

* - Annual Upgrade Protection (UP) entitles you to receive new Softerra LDAP Administrator versions (major upgrades) that are released during the term of your Upgrade Protection coverage (365 days) at no additional cost. UP greatly saves your time since you no longer need to go through the procurement procedure every time new Softerra LDAP Administrator major version is issued. Besides, the cost of Annual Upgrade Protection is up to 30% lower than the cost of a single upgrade.

Please note that Upgrade Protection can only be acquired for the latest version of Softerra LDAP Administrator.

** - Priority Annual Support (PAS) guarantees that your Service Requests will be handled before any of the same submitted by Standard Support receiving users or non-registered users, and that you will get our response within 24 hours. All reported bugs will be fixed with a special patch sent to you within 5 working days. Additionally, your suggestions regarding new Softerra LDAP Administrator features or possible improvements will receive our most serious consideration and will be greatly appreciated. Minor improvements considered to be useful to other users will be implemented in a matter of days.

Upgrade Pricing

The chart below reflects pricing for Softerra LDAP Administrator license upgrades.

License Type Upgrade Price per License
Single License $100.00
Operating Maintenance License $699.00
Unlimited Site License $1399.00
If your Softerra LDAP Administrator license is issued after August 06, 2020, or is covered by valid Upgrade Protection, you are eligible to receive the newest 2020.1 upgrade for free.
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