Company Overview

Softerra With 22 years of experience in identity management and over 50’000 corporate and individual customers worldwide, Softerra takes continuous effort to maintain a high customer satisfaction level providing reliable time-saving solutions and services for enterprise networks.

Products and Services

All Softerra-developed solutions are designed to deliver exactly what our clients need. Building on years of industry expertise, Softerra understands that having the correct software to perform day-to-day operations quickly and easily is absolutely crucial to the success of any organization.

Softerra products are accompanied by premium support from highly skilled professionals, and our transparent financial policy implies no hidden fees or extra costs for complementary services.

Softerra LDAP Administrator

Softerra LDAP Administrator is a worldwide recognized LDAP Administration tool that’s been in demand for 22 years and remains the first application to look at if you need to perform your administration tasks quickly and efficiently.

Working with almost any LDAP server, Softerra LDAP Administrator was designed to provide our customers with a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that significantly simplifies LDAP directory management.

Softerra Adaxes

Upon the development of Softerra LDAP Administrator, Softerra deployed its deep understanding of identity management problem domain and the latest technology innovation in creating another advanced product for Active Directory enterprise networks - Softerra Adaxes.

The creation of Softerra Adaxes was inspired by our mission: to make the complex simple and to provide a single powerful, flexible and cost-saving solution that would resolve all AD management issues fast and easily, without any complicated integration or hidden fees for complementary services.

Resellers and Partners

A vast number of reseller and consulting companies throughout the globe will be glad to make the process of purchasing our products as easy and as convenient for you as possible. Contact us to learn more about Softerra products and services as well as partnership opportunities and business relationship models.