Softerra LDAP Administrator 2011.2 - Release Notes

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Softerra LDAP Administrator is the industry-leading software product for browsingand managing LDAP directories. It provides a wide variety of features essentialfor those involved in LDAP development, deployment and administration of directories.Most of these newly implemented functions are really unique and unprecedented -to date there is nothing to match their efficiency in the existing LDAP softwarepackages. The main goal pursued by the LDAP Administrator development team is todeliver a powerful, integrated yet easy-to-use tool capable of working with anyLDAP server.

What's New?

Softerra LDAP Administrator 2011.2 is a major update that introduces several newfeatures and improvements. Below are the highlights of the new major features andimportant changes in Softerra LDAP Administrator from the previous version , Softerra LDAP Administrator 2011.1.

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System Requirements


Although Softerra LDAP Administrator is well capable of working on lesser systems,for best results we recommend you install it on an at least 256 MB RAM, 1 GHz Pentiumor a faster processor PC with a high or true color display mode of 800x600 pixelsor greater.


Softerra LDAP Administrator has successfully passed thorough testing on the following platforms:

The following software is also required and important for installation and properfunctioning of Softerra LDAP Administrator:

Starting from Softerra LDAP Administrator 2010.2, we do not support Windows 2000.

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Download and Installation

Before installing the product, please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements . If one of the required components is missing on yoursystem, you will get an installation error.

The Softerra LDAP Administrator 2011.2 is provided for 32-bit and 64-bit systemsin two languages - English and German. You can get an appropriate installation packagefor free trial download at Softerra's download site .

To install the application, launch the downloaded installation package and followthe Installation Wizard hints.

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Feedbacks on Quality

To report a suggestion, bug or problem issue, please use the build-in program functionality(contained in the application Help menu) or visit the Softerra LDAP Administrator forum .

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Known Issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my profiles and settings stored? How can I copy them to another PC?

Profiles, credentails and other settings are stored in the metabase.stg file locatedin the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Softerra\LDAP Administrator 4 folder. This file isnot human readable, so it can't be read or manually edited. To copy your profilesfrom one workstation to another, use Load/Save Configuration dialog orjust copy the metabase.stg file to an appropriate folder of a destination PC.

I get 'ERROR 4: Sizelimit Exceeded' error. What's wrong and what can I do?

If you have a full-featured license, such a behavior may occur due to either ofthe two possible reasons, or both:

To workarond the issue please use one of the following:

I can't connect to my server via a secure (SSL) connection. What's wrong? What canI handle that?

SSL is a tough issue, which requires certain knowledge to be able to perform necessaryactions on the server side in order to install SSL support. If you aren't familiarwith X.509 and SSL in particular, you expose yourself to a high risk of making amistake while issuing a server certificate or adjusting your server configuration,which will make it impossible to connect to the server. Our experience shows thatin 99% of cases, SSL problems occur due to the server-side issues. To troubleshootyour SSL issues, try running your server or SCHANNEL API (an SSL implementation used by Softerra LDAPAdministrator) in the debug mode.

Is there a command-line client? How can I schedule export of my LDAP server data?

There is a command-line tool that comes with Softerra LDAP Administrator package.It's called laimex.exe that is localed in the same folder where SofterraLDAP Administrator is installed. Command line options for laimex.exe aredescribed in the Softerra LDAP Administrator Help. laimex.exe can be usedtogether with Windows scheduler to perfrom export/import LDAP data operations automatically.

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