Softerra LDAP Administrator 2012.1 - What's New?

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Softerra LDAP Administrator 2012.1 is a major release that offers several new features, improvements and user interface refinements.

Below are the highlights of the major feature additions and changes in Softerra LDAP Administrator 2012.1 from the previous version, Softerra LDAP Administrator 2011.2.

In-place Entry Modification

When browsing or searching directory, it is often necessary to quickly modify one or more displayed attributes of an LDAP entry. At the request of many customers, LDAP Administrator now allows users to quickly modify values of all attributes displayed in the List View for an LDAP entry.

In-plcae Entry Modification

Bulk Password Reset

Now, using LDAP Administrator, you can reset passwords for multiple users at once and set a unique password for each of them with the help of password generation templates. For example, if you specify the password generation template as '%username%-123', it will be replaced with the login name of each user, plus '-123' (e.g. kevinsmith-123).

Bulk Password Reset

Renaming and Copying of LDAP Entries Using LDAP SQL

From this version on, LDAP SQL supports two new operations: MODDN and COPY. Now you can copy, move, and rename LDAP entries using the power of SQL queries. With the help of flexible SQL search filters and built-in functions, you can efficiently use these SQL operations for copying and renaming of LDAP entries.

For example, the following statement moves all users created during the last month to the new OU.

MODDN FROM "OU=HR,DC=company" NEWSUPERIOR "OU=Sales,DC=company"
WHERE $whenCreated >  CURRENT_DATE - interval '1 month'
     AND  $objectClass=’user’ AND $objectCategory=’Person’

Or, another example, shows how to make a copy of user CN=John Doe,CN=company in the same container with new name John Smith.

COPY "CN=John Doe,CN=Company" NEWRDN $cn='John Smith'

Account Management in HTML View

We've extended the set of actions that can be performed on user accounts in HTML View. Now, HTML View allows you to perform the following operations:

Account Management in HTML View

Export/Import of Quick Search Results

From now on, you can perform export/import operations on LDAP entries found with the help of the Quick Search tool.

Export/Import of Quick Search Results

Line Numbering in LDIF Editor

In the new version of LDAP Administrator, LDIF Editor allows you to enable line numbering that will help you to easily find the required data in LDIF files.

Line Numbering in LDIF Editor

Now you can print the contents of LDAP Request Log and SQL Editor with syntax coloring preserved. Also, you can configure various printing settings and preview the data to be printed.

Printing Support

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