What’s New in LDAP Administrator 2019.2

This release comes with a temporary group membership support for Active Directory, improved user interface for object selection, new functions for LDAP-SQL, faster data export and other enhancements.

Here’s more about what’s new in LDAP Administrator 2019.2.

Group Membership Enhancements

Temporary Group Membership

The new version adds the support of Temporary Group Membership that was introduced in Windows Server 2016. Now, with LDAP Administrator not only can you view temporary members of a group, but also define how long an object will be a member of a group.

Temporary Group Membership

Indirect Group Membership

LDAP Administrator 2019.2 now supports indirect group membership in Active Directory. Now, you can view direct and indirect group members in one click.

Indirect Membership

Improved Object Selection Dialog

A new intuitive object selection dialog is introduced throughout the application. It provides a convenient filter to quickly find and select the objects you need. Also, you can browse the directory tree to select the required objects.

Select Objects Dialog

Speed Up Data Export

We have significantly decreased the time it takes to export data. Now data is exported ten times faster!

Bitwise Functions in LDAP-SQL

We've added new bitwise functions for the LDAP-SQL: AND, OR, XOR and NOT. By using these functions, you can now easily modify bit flag attributes or use them as a part of condition in a query filter.

Bitwise Functions in LDAP-SQL

Disable Saving Passwords

For organizations, whose security policies don't allow to store passwords within applications, we have made it possible to disable saving passwords in LDAP Administrator.

Enable/Disable Object Selection Autocompletes

By requests of our users, now LDAP Administrator allows you to enable/disable the autocomplete functionality. This may be useful when working with a server that has limited resources and it is critical to reduce the number of requests to the server.

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