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Softerra LDAP Administrator Help

Welcome to Softerra LDAP Administrator!

Softerra LDAP Administrator is the industry-leading software product for browsing and managing LDAP directories. It provides a wide variety of features essential for those involved in LDAP development, deployment and administration. Most of these newly implemented functions are really unique and unprecedented - to date there is nothing to match their efficiency in the existing LDAP software packages. The main goal pursued by LDAP Administrator is to deliver a powerful, integrated yet easy to use tool capable of working with any LDAP server around.

Please see the following sections for a detailed description of the LDAP Administrator features:

Getting Help

For help on how to make proper use of LDAP Administrator, press F1 or choose LDAP Administrator Help from the Help menu. Some application dialogs and wizards contain a Help button designed to provide information describing a purpose and usage techniques for the tool in question.

Besides, dialogs and wizards usually have a small question mark button on their caption bars placed next to the Close button. Click this button first and then any control to see its description, or alternatively, use a right mouse click for a description on most controls.

LDAP Administrator Basics

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